Yesterday was the first all seminary convocation.  It was a great worship service with Keith Drury preaching and Nate & Julie Lamb leading the worship.  Elaine Bernius read the text from Acts 11.  I’m hoping we can post the service on YouTube later this week!  It was better than a great sermon… it was a good one (you’ll have to watch to understand).

We may have inaugurated some longstanding seminary traditions.  We sang a contemporary version of “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name” as candidate for Seminary Anthem, and we sang a version of “Ye Servants of God” as a Launching Hymn.  We took communion in Anglican style, said the Apostle’s Creed, and Charles Arn led us in a litany made from various psalms.  Bob Whitesel led in prayer and Russ Gunsalus led the service, also praying for the blessing of all the students.

Meanwhile, the second MDIV intensive course begins today, Cultural Contexts of Ministry, with Norm Wilson teaching.  Today they are looking at the nature of culture via the revised edition of Charles Kraft’s Christianity in Culture.  Then this afternoon they are looking at the demographics of their local church community.  Need I say that this is an assignment you can’t do in most seminaries… because you aren’t in a local church while you’re doing their program 🙂