This week we want to feature our very own Charles Arn, Visiting Professor, indeed the first newly hired professor at the seminary.  Renowned church health expert, omnipresent in online classes, and a model of diligence, God has introduced Dr. Arn to a talent he didn’t even know he had this year–the gift of (online) teaching.  We asked him to give a brief word this week:

“What a day we live in!  Students from New Zealand, Panama, Florida, California, and just around the block in Marion, Indiana…all participating in the same seminary class!  That’s the make up of our first online cohort of students at Wesley Seminary.  And it is my privilege to facilitate this class of 20 enthusiastic learners. 

Over the years I have had more than a few veteran pastors say to me: ‘I wish I had learned that in seminary.’  Happily, I don’t expect to hear that from Wesley Seminary graduates, because of the strong commitment by faculty and administration to preparing learners for the ‘real world’—in every class.  In fact, before students are even accepted into the program they must be in a ministry setting where they can apply their learnings each week.  We are already seeing churches benefit from our students’ insights, as illustrated in this note I received yesterday from a senior pastor whose youth director is enrolled at Wesley Seminary:

‘The information on church lifecycles that he brought from your class has been an integral part of our church’s 30th anniversary vision chats.  Thanks so much for all you’re doing.’

To be honest, I have no interest in creating ‘busy work’ for tomorrow’s pastors.  (Nor, I think, do they have an interest in pursuing such.)  That is why I am so excited about helping to pursue the vision of Wesley Seminary—to prepare future church leaders to be world changers through their congregations in pursuit the Christ’s Great Commission. 

All aboard…