… took place last week, Tuesday night and all day Wednesday.  The board members represent all four regions of the North American Wesleyan Church: Aron Wills from Indiana North, Christie Lipscomb from Michigan, Kevin Myers from Atlanta, Stan Hoover (chair) from Annapolis, John Ott from Virginia, Isaac Smith from South Dakota, John Symonds from New Brunswick.  Representing sister denominations are LeRoy Chambliss of the United Methodist Church and Major George Hood of the Salvation Army.  Kerry Kind represents the general church as General Secretary of Education and the Ministry.  Finally, we have IWU representatives Carl Shepherd, chair of the IWU board; David Wright, Provost; Duane Kilty, Chief Financial Officer of both the seminary and the university; and of course, President Henry Smith, President of the university.

Aside from getting acquainted with the current state of the seminary (see my pre-history that Russ Gunsalus, Keith Drury, and I presented Tuesday night), they also began to strategize for the seminary’s future.  What should it be known for?