This week we want to feature the latest addition to the Wesley Seminary team–Lenny Luchetti.  Although Lenny has over a decade and a half of pastoral leadership experience, he comes to us most recently from Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church.  God graced him to be a part of that church’s turn around into a thriving and strongly missionally minded community of faith. 

Not only has the broader Wesleyan community recognized in Lenny a man of great wisdom (he is a go-to person for Wesleyan leaders).  But God has also gifted him with excellence in the proclamation of the gospel. He is just finishing his DMin in preaching at Asbury Theological Seminary, and his primary responsibility will be for the seminary proclamation and communication courses. He was already in demand as a preacher.  Now Stroudsburg Wesleyan has gifted us to be able to hear him far and wide on a regular basis! 

I asked Dr. Luchetti to share a little bit of his vision for his ministry as part of the seminary, and here’s what he had to say:

“I have spent the past 15 years of my life investing in local churches. During that time, I have seen the potential of the local church to transform lives by embodying the values of a Kingdom not of this world. Now, I sense God is calling me to invest my life in those who are investing their lives in the local church. I am more convinced than ever that, while ministry forms and styles must change in order to adapt to a changing culture, the local church has been and will always be the main instrument through which God redeems and restores the world he created and loves. This conviction compels me to come alongside of pastors whose sleeves are rolled up and whose hands are already engaged in mission. I believe that Wesley Seminary, because of her intentional mission and unique values, is poised to equip passionate pastors who will lead missional churches that change the world.”

Welcome, Lenny, to the seminary team!