I’ve come to realize an important communication principle:  The more a person talks…the less people remember.  (Preachers, note!)  Over the years I’ve collected one-liners I’ve heard that said much with little.  I didn’t keep the sources, but here’s a few entries from my collection.  Perhaps you will find some to be helpful, or want to add your own…

“People come to church to be built up, not beat up.”

“The result of an increasing gap between knowledge and behavior…is guilt.”

“Pastors should spend more time on the church that could be, than on the church that is.”

“To intensify your ministry to the many, intensify your ministry to the few.”

“You can’t get by with a low quality product in a society with high quality expectations.”

“A church is more likely to grow with good music and average preaching, than average music and good preaching.”

“We are paralyzed by our unwillingness to take a stand.”

“The communal values at the heart of religion are undercut by modern technology.”

“Come, let us reason together.”

“Our assumptions determine our ability to arrive at reasonable solutions.  Different assumptions produce different ‘reasonable’ solutions.”

“Family relationships affect the way we look at everything.”

“We can’t dictate moral compulsions.”

“If you don’t feel heard or understood, you can’t move on.”

“We choose what we identify with…which defines our identity.”

“Our chosen glories make us most secure.”

“We often covet in others what we can’t control in ourselves.”

“Victory does not mean resolution.”

“To move people, don’t push them to the point where they start pushing back.”

“We have a constant jihad between our principles and our actions.”

“One fine day…”

“Winners never remember, and victims never forget.”

“What is the process of establishing an ethic?”

“Suggesting a creative alternative is one option to simply reacting to the issue at hand.”

“Practice respectful listening.”

And, on a totally unrelated topic (Hey…it’s summer!), my son sent me this short clip from YouTube.  I thought it was pretty funny.  (Dog lovers, however, may hate me…)